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Great salon design rests on quality furniture and equipment.

 Whether you are looking for hairdressing salon equipment like; backwash units, hairdressing trolleys, hood dryers and hair processors or hairdressing furniture like; salon chairs, styling units, retail display units and salon reception desks, there is a huge choice on the market today.
With the influx of hair salon furniture and equipment from Asia in recent years it is not difficult to find something that looks right. It is more difficult however to find something that is right.
At SLEEK we believe in ‘balance, blend, form and function’ and functionality is inextricably linked to quality. Our hair salon equipment and furniture ranges are manufactured by long-established suppliers in Europe like PAHI, MALETTI and NELSON MOBILIER, so although our prices are competitive SLEEK have no concerns about the level of quality we offer our customers.
Beauty salon furniture and equipment differs from hairdressing equipment in that it has traditionally been manufactured in Asia to a high standard. Pedicure chairs, pedicure stations, beauty therapy couches, spa furniture and all other types of beauty salon equipment and beauty furniture from Asia are used in the UK on a daily basis.

SLEEK do not profess to be experts on (often highly technical) beauty equipment, so again we use trusted suppliers in the UK who have built their reputations on the reliability of their products.

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